Thursday, December 25, 2008

Doug with Elise

Christmas vacation

Luke and Sydney love brownies.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish all my family and friends a very Merry Christmas.

Here is a great Christmas morning recipe I wanted to share, it is yummy!

Pull Apart Monkey Bread

18-22 frozen dinner rolls (Rhoades Bake and serve)
1 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup sugar, mixed with 1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup butter melted
2 tablespoon butterscotch pudding mix(dry and not the instant)
1/2 cup chopped nuts (optional)
Place the frozen rolls in a greased Bundt pan. Sprinkle brown sugar and pudding mix over frozen rolls. Pour on melted butter and add cinnamon mixture and nuts. Cover with foil and let rise overnight. Bake at 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes. Invert immediately onto plate for serving and enjoy. Yummy!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The joys of Christmas

This is my most favorite time of year. I find joy in the small things like Christmas music, Christmas cards, special treats (food), the excitement of the faces of people opening gifts, the simple greeting of "Merry Christmas", the feeling of service in the air, all the parties, the decorations and lights. This is a time when I miss my children being little and getting excited for santa, and the traditions that we had. Oh the memories of years gone by... Here are a few as a child and as a young mother with children.
When I was about 8 my grandpa (who was widowed) came to spend the night with us on Christmas Eve (family tradition). My parents hid our present at the neighbors house 3 doors down. The gift was a Tandem bike for my sister and I. My dad and grandpa went down the street to get the bike about midnight, the story is told of dad and grandpa riding the bike up the street together in the snow and ice, with the bright moon lighting their way, mom tells the story of the priceless sight as they slipped and almost fell several times. Course we didn't know this until a couple of years later after we found out about the real Santa. But I will never forget coming in the room and seeing that blue bycicle built for two sitting there. I will also never forget the look on my parents and grandpa Miller's face as we screamed and danced around it. Little did I know that they had already taken a spin on it before we did. (Mom and dad still have that bike in there garage)
As a mom I remember many Christmas' but one in particular stands out... we lived in Laramie Wyoming. We went to cut down our own Christmas tree in the freezing cold and deep snow. The guys did the cutting and the girls sat in the warm car with the hot chocolate. We got out to tell them which tree then jumped back in the car. We must of thought we had a 20 foot ceiling cause we had to cut the tree down several times to fit it on the car and in the house. We had Christmas a day early (the kids didn't really know the difference)so we could travel to Salt Lake for Christmas with extended family. This was a 6 hour drive in a small Ford Broncho. (seat belt laws weren't in effect and yes we were dumb but it was the only dependable care we had). We made the trip singing, laughing (little fighting) along the way. For some reason I remember just being in that small space with all the people I love and feeling joy and love for each child and a good husband. What else is there? What is your favorite Christmas memory?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday was so much fun!

We had a wonderful time for Thanksgiving as a family. Aubrey & Kyle, Celeste & Joe and Derek were here for the Thanksgiving celebration. We stayed up late every night, ate lots of food, played games, laughed, and played Rock Band together. (Yea it wasn't my type of music but it was fun when you were playing it).
They were all here by Wednesday, Brock and Brittany came by to visit. It was interesting to see these same kids that used to hang out together as teenagers many years ago, sit down together as adults talking about jobs, homes, babies and friends. They are all living in different areas doing their own thing in life and being responsible adults.
Thursday was the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Derek, Kyle, Joe and Doug were all helping in the kitchen. It was a first to have all guys in the kitchen with me. They all like to cook and I took advantage of that by giving them dishes to make. The food turned out yummy! Now if I could just get Aubrey and Celeste to like being in the kitchen too. The kid's friends came by and they played Rock Band, it was great being a part of the fun.
The girls went shopping on Black Friday while the guys went shooting. That turned out to be a great arrangement. We all got home about the same time, went to eat at Chicago pizza, which was yummy... came home and decorated the Christmas tree together.
Saturday we went to Little Rock to the River Market and walked around downtown. Some went to the Clinton Library while others went to the Arkansas Museum. Then we went to Macaroni Grill, shopped some more and came home and played all night. We won't be seeing Aubrey & Kyle at Christmas so we did our little mock Christmas and gave them their presents early.
Sunday we had a big breakfast together, then said our goodbye's to Aubs and Kyle. Joe & Celeste went to church and ate dinner with us, then they left to go home. Derek leaves this morning to go back to CA. It was wonderful having them come. The hardest thing is saying goodbye! During breakfast yesterday we were planning the next family get together. Those family times are priceless, and they have to be well planned because of distance and schedules, and expense. Doug and I cherish the time that we spend with our children and grandchildren. This is what life is all about, FAMILY! I am thankful for mine!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Elise Ann

We have a new grandaughter! She was born last night at 7:55 p.m. California time... She weighed 6 lbs 11 oz. and she is 20" long. Jane (mommy) and Elise are doing well. Ryan (daddy)called last night and was so excited. We get to meet her in a few weeks. It is hard to wait! If you go to Ryan & Jane's blog you will see her picture. She is beautiful.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mexican turkey?

Several years ago my parents had some new friends that had just moved here from Mexico. They had never celebrated Thanksgiving before so mom and dad thought it would be nice to have a little Thanksgiving dinner before the acutal family turkey day feast to show off the American tradition. Our oldest son Ryan, (has a great sense of humor and he is a great story teller and I might add he likes to kid with people) was talking to grandma on the phone about their new Mexican friends. He had served his mission in California (spanish speaking)and he was very aware of the Mexican traditions. Mom was asking Ryan for his opinion on what she should do to make the event special. He took the opportunity to mess with her a little, he proceded to tell her that she should have a Mexican turkey. Her reply, "Oh I have never heard of that before". His reply, "Oh grandma here is what you do... You take a turkey and instead of stuffing you fill it full of guacomole and then put tortilla chips around the edges so they can dip their chips in the guacomole dip and eat the turkey at the same time". My sweet mom said, "Oh, I have never heard of that, so how do you make that". Yes she took it hook, line and sinker. He started laughing hysterically and she realized that he was just messing with her. The family has laughed about this for years, including grandma! Can you picture sitting down with a cooked turkey, with a green blob coming out of the inside and then having some crunchy salty chips garnished on the side! OH GROSS!

So the other day Doug brought home one of those holiday recipes that he found in the newspaper. It was for a Spanish Turkey. No guacomole and chips mind you, but the ingredients called for hot peppers inside the turkey. I don't think I will attempt that... EVER!
I was thinking about both mom and Ryan today. Both are at a hospital, mom after surgery and Ryan is helping his wife through the delivery of their little girl. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Friday, November 21, 2008

All it takes is one phone call....

All it takes is one phone call to change your plans, your emotions and well.... your life. Yesterday I found that our friend was in the hospital with heart problems. He was just a couple of minutes away from a massive heart attack. (He is a couple years younger than I am). Things like that make you realize how short life is. Then today while at work I got a call from my sister saying that last night my mother got up and let the dog out and went to the kitchen sink and fell. She broke her left leg,it is not a normal type break... she was in surgery today for 4 hours and they had to put pins, and plates in both the tibula and the fibula. She can not move her leg for over a week and can't put any pressure on it at all for quite sometime. She will require 24 hour care. My dad is not in great health so he is not going to be able to take care of her himself.
What do you do when you live 1500 miles away? I do have sisters and a brother but I feel like I need to be there too. Thank goodness my sister has kept me up todate of what is happening on the home front. I feel just awful! I just may jump on a plane and go, who knows. That is what daughters are supposed to do right? I guess we are at that point in our life. (Hey my mothers father is still alive, he is 97 years old and lives by himself. I come from a family where most live until they are 80 + and in pretty good health. I am kind of counting on that you see). So I wait by the phone so that I can continue to get the updates. It just takes one phone call. I am grateful that it was just her leg, it could be worse. But it isn't an easy recovery for someone in their 70's.
So now the phone calls give me updated information. And yes I am thankful for phones! I just like it to be good news each time it rings.

Now for the happier side of life ... We are going to have another grandaughter on Monday. SO I am excited for that phone call, it will change our lives to. That is really mixing the sad and the happy together in just a week. I guess in life it all evens out huh?
Come on phone ring with good news!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have a sickness! Do you?

Ok I have to admit that I have a sickness! Here goes... and it involves the blog friends. I am a blog stalker. I am at the computer all day at work and when I need a little bit of a break (not too often) I have to check my blog to see who has posted either a comment on my post or posted something on their own blog, I check it at night before I go to bed too. Am I the only one who does this? Is this a sign of being bored with nothing to do or is it just a new novelty and someday I will grow out of this little phase? Maybe I need more things to read. All the sudden I feel connected to people I just casually knew. I don't like listening to the news anymore, too depressing. I would rather blog! (Last night I actually dreamed that the world was coming to an end. So what is my lesson on in Institute this week... You guessed it, the Second Coming. It was not a restful night sleep). Sooo I need some more reading material help me out here. Keep those posts and comments coming, OK?

Friday, November 14, 2008

How far would you go?

How far does one go to update their looks? There are many ways to make ourselves look younger, thinner, better, but do we know when to stop and just grow old gracefully. Now the simple things like hair color, highlights, some tanning, makeup, maybe the fake nails all help us look nice and maybe help us feel good about ourselves. I don't think any of us like growing old but I can't imagine having not just one surgery... but many to change my looks. I know some who have had tattoos on there lips, their eyebrows, there eye lids, then to follow it up with laysik, eye surgery (which is one that I would love to have I must admit) then the chest enhancement (over sized usually) and then the tummy tuck and the lypo, with botox here and there. How far would you really go to stay young and beautiful? How many of these would you really do? If you had the money would you do just one or maybe two or all of the above.
Now I must admit there are a few of these that I probably need or would consider but I don't know that I would really go that far. I know the tattoo is out for sure.
The reason I bring the subject up is, I saw a friend today that has had all of this done in the last 4 years. To be kind here I will say.... she looked better before and she should stop! She didn't look like the same person... it wasn't natural. I think we should take good care of ourselves but there is a point where we can go too far. She pretty much passed that point several surgeries back. The thought of Michael Jackson comes to mind. Although she hadn't done anything to her nose (at least I don't think). The natural look is more pleasing! So I pose the question again, How far would you really go to stay young and beautiful?

Friday, November 7, 2008


I was at work yesterday, checking a patient out and I heard my cell phone ring... I couldn't get it at the time. I continued working and heard my cell phone ding to let me know I had a voice mail. I continued working... Then I finally had a little break ( few hours later) and I remembered the I had a message waiting for me. I grabbed my phone went in a private place and listened to my message. It was my oldest grandaughter Brooklyn, she is 3 1/2. Here is what she said "Hi Grandma, I was calling to say hi. I called aunt Celeste and Bob's (Aubrey)phone, and they are busy too. I just called to say hi. I miss you. I love you... I will talk to you later". My heart melted! How cute! I feel bad that I missed that most important call. How can I ever be too busy to answer a call like that. I tried to call her last night but she had gone with her daddy. I was sad that I didn't get to talk to her when she called. I think this is what the scriptures mean with we are told we should be childlike... Just call someone to say hi and say I love you. SWEET!
The days fly by and children grow up and those precious memories with them are just that, memories. To all you moms out there, no matter how tough the days get being a mom, know this: you have the most important job in the world, with the most important people who will ever come into your life. The time you have to teach and hold them is short, enjoy the journey! Time will march on and they will grow up and leave home to start their own families and you have memories. Make sure they are good memories for them and for you. Nothing else matters but what you can give them. Make each day count and play and have fun.
I am your cheerleader on the side lines. Along with all the other moms that have raised their families. We applaude you! It is worth all the sacrifice that you make. Yeah to the mom's and the grandma's.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a Thankful tag

I have been tagged again, and since it is a Thankful one I decided to play.
Here are 7 things I am thankful for:
1. Family, (husband, children, parents, grandchildren, siblings etc).
2. For my health and fact that we have modern science to help out with our ailments.
3. A free country to live in. (Hope we can stay that way, it was not free it was paid by many men and women giving the ultimate sacrifice)
4. My religion and the knowledge and testimony of God and Jesus Christ.
5. Grandchildren that make me laugh, they are so cute! Wished I could see them more!
6. Good friends with warm smiles and hearts.
7. Modern conviences... cell phones, cars, dishwashers, washer, dryer and oh I can't forget the COMPUTER to stay in touch with others blogging!
I realize I cheated by naming more than 7 but hey, my blog I can right?
Now I have to tag someone.... Hmmm
Haven't heard from Donan
Lindsee (by the way call me please)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

B&B spells R&R

Friday afternoon we took off to Mt. View Arkansas for some fun with our friends. We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast on Friday night. B&B's are much more fun than Hotels. We found out about this nifty little place on an American Airline airplane magazine. Kathleen & I both went on different flights and read the same article. The article talked this place up along with the beautiful setting it is nestled in. The B&B was really neat with great attention to detail to make your stay fabulous. That night we went to dinner in the little town square, walked around and listened to the old folks sit on the porches and play their instruments and sing. (Yes they were older that we were, in fact I was feeling quite young, I am thinking they were in their late 70's early 80's) We went back to the B&B and played Phase 10 until 11:30 pm. I don't think I have laughed that hard for a very long time. My dear friend was losing pretty bad and felt that she had to redeem herself some and just starting cheating. She said she did it in a nice way, which was true and she didn't try to hide the cheating at all. After the game ended the score was tallied and I Won, Brooks close second, Doug and then Kathleen. Keep in mind that she usually wins, without cheating.... I think, I guess we will have to pay more attention from now on.
We got up the next morning to a most beautiful sight of colorful trees on the hills around us. It was a breathtaking view. Something out of a magazine... Amazing!!! We had a wonderful fancy breakfast and then we took a walk around the pond and just took in the view. I don't think I have ever witnessed a more beautiful fall foliage in my life. I know I was almost annoying I just kept saying "Wow look how beautiful". I love landscape beauty... It just makes me feel good inside. I feel like God blessed us with such a beautiful earth and it makes me feel loved by Him. We drove off into the Ozark mountains and saw more beauty. The fall colors were at their peak. We stopped off at Blanchard Springs Cave and took the tour, then went to the Springs for more beautiful scenery. Oh did I mention that I forgot my camera? None of us had a camera, so it will have to be a memory or.... we could go again next year just to take pictures and have more R&R. It was very relaxing, extremly fun and just a marvelous time!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and fall time

Fall is a favorite time of year. I love the crisp air and the beautiful fall foliage, carmel apples, soups, warm clothes... you get the picture. I however am not a huge fan of Halloween. I like to see costumes and how original people are but I for one do not like being scared. Not at all!!! Celeste and Joe came over Sunday night for dinner and they were telling us about a hayride they went on last week that had people chasing after them with chain saws and people walking around a field like they were dead. See, I just don't get it. Paying to be scared is not my idea of fun. I know people that love that thrill of being scared. I have a sister that loves to put on a scary movie all by herself and loves the thrill of being scared. Hard to beleive we grew up in the same house. Oh and I don't like scary movies either. You don't want to watch a scary movie with me. I will scream, dig, yell at the screen, and finally I will get up and go to the bathroom (several times) then come in the room and ask "what happened". I don't make it very enjoyable for others, to say the least! Scary is NOT my thing. I don't like answering the door to older kids on Halloween when they are dressed up all scary. I do like the cute little kids though.
I like pleasant, happy, comfortable things. So this year for Halloween we are doing something fun, and pleasant and what older people do. We are going with friends to Northern Arkansas to see the fall foilage. We are going to a famous cave too, (yes I know there are bats in there but they are more scared of me and I sure they won't bother just little ol me). Now that is pleasant, happy, beautiful and comfortable to me. It will be a change from the normal Halloween but a change I am ready for. Happy Halloween to everyone.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The American Way

I am proud to be an American!!! I am one of those people that gets choaked up when I hear or sing the Star Spangled Banner or any other Patriotic Song. I fight back tears when I see the American Flag go by in a parade or see it flying in the breeze. I love knowing that we have wonderful young men and women that are willing to fight for our freedoms and sacrifice all that they have for us. Hopefully we continue on with our American ways, our American freedoms.
I know we don't have a perfect country but I don't think there is any other place in the world that offers what good ol' America does. I am proud to live in this country.
I get upset when I see others be disrespectful to the flag, or when the Pledge of Alegience is being said or Star Spangled Banner sung and people don't have the simple respect of stopping what they are doing and simply put their hands on their heart. It really makes me sad, no mad! Anyway, I also feel very priledged to be able to vote in the elections. I will admit I don't know everything about all the politicians and I am not a big political person, but I listen to the debates, read and listen to what I can... problem is everything is contradicted, it depends what you read or watch. Yes I know who I am voting for but I will say that I will be glad when this election is OVER! I don't like mud-slinging from either party. I want to know what they are going to do while they are president or in any other office and it would be nice if they actually did what they said they were going to do.
Lets just say I am sick of the commercials, the phone calls, the mail etc., all making promises they probably won't keep and bad mouthing each otherin the process.
Here is what I know! If we we forget God in America we are in big trouble! We have many examples of the pride cycle and what happens when we think we are too good, or too big to fall. Is it possible to get back to the basics of God, family, religion, integrity, and working together no matter our different ideas? I certainly hope so. I feel it is up to all of us individually to pray for this great country and its leaders. God gave us this country, our Constitution, and the privelede to live here. I want my children and grandchildren to live a good life like I have with freedoms to flourish and carry on as our Maker intended.

And on a lighter note, I will be glad to hear deoderant comercials again! This was not paid for by anyone but I do approve this message!!! LOL

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue Angels excitment

The Blue Angles came to Arkansas and we were so excited to see them, we even had our own personal guide, Joe our son in-law. Joe loves airplanes, he seriously knows what every airplane is and what they are/were used for, he even can tell by the sound of the plane what is flying overhead. It really was an amazing show! There were times that I thought my heart skipped a beat as two F-18's headed right for each other flying low and as they got in front of the crowd they would do some fancy turn and barely miss hitting one another. Amazing! After they land the planes the pilots come to an area where they sign autographs and take pictures. It was like watching Rock Stars on the red carpet. It was pretty crazy the crowd they had swarming them.
After the show we stayed and walked around at the Air Force Base. There was a Flight simulator that Joe wanted to go in. He is kind of like a little kid at the fair wanting to go on the rides. It was cute. Anyway the simulator was a enclosed black box that they put you in it, strap you down good and then you tell them which ride you want to go on. The F-16, Grand Canyon F-18 etc. There is a screen in front that makes the scenery look real and then the box your sitting in jerks around and even goes up side down about 3 times. Celeste decided she would go with Joe on the ride, they waited in line about 45 min or more. They shut the door on the ride and as soon as it started going up side down we heard a scream. We heard a few more screams after that. Hummm, I hadn't heard any other person on the ride scream it really seemed like a harmless ride. The people that were waiting in the line and the guy operating the ride were all laughing. It was uncommon for anyone to really scream. When they opened the door and Celeste got out we all were laughing and started screaming. She was a good sport to go with Joe and to have us joke with her about the screams.
It took us several hours to get out of the parking lot so we just killed some time. We dropped the kids off at their house in Little Rock and stopped to get gas. As Doug was pumping the gas, he started knocking on the car window and pointed to the car next to us. There were 4 Blue Angels pilots getting gas right next to us. What are the chances? Doug thanked them for the great show, they were very polite. They drove off kind of like they were in one of their planes. Celeste was upset that she wasn't with us for that part. It as about a block from her house.
Anyway we have played alot the last week. It has been fun. I did clean my house late at night, and the grass has not been mowed for 2 weeks now. Oh well all that can be done another day right?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rollin on the River

Every year in October Doug and I go on the Arkansas Queen Riverboat. Doug is on a Credit Union Board and that is where they have their annual dinner along with all the other Credit Unions in Arkansas. Usually we have dinner and a speaker then a short time to listen to some live music. (3 person band and they are pretty good). Last night we went to the annual meeting and I was expecting the same thing. Little bit of small talk with people you only see once a year, cafeteria type food, and I always liked the band. Well last night it was really fun. Not only did my man look really good sporting his shirt Aubrey and Kyle gave him... (I was with the cutest guy there) but we only had 4 couples at our table, and we had a lot of fun. (No boring speaker either) They started passing the ice tea down and we passed and of course they wondered why but no big deal. We ate dinner and then they broke the food down, carried it away and there was the dance floor. Oh we have danced in previous years but it was just to a couple of the slow songs. Last night we danced to the slow songs then they did the "Electric Slide". I didn't know that dance but this cute lady at the table said "Come on Maureen I will teach you". She is much younger and is really good at dancing. I was out there with everyone that already knew the dance. I did learn the moves after a few times of doing them and then I just had fun. I love to dance but just don't do much of it. (Which makes my kids happy cause they think it is funny to watch us out there moving around like old folks). We really had a good time. Some of the people at the table asked what was in my water that I could get out and dance... nothing but H2O. I just have fun in life and at this point I really don't care what others think. Is that bad? Who cares! I won't see these people for another year and maybe their memories are like mine. I am sure I was pretty boring to watch compared to the people on the floor with me that really knew how to move. Doug and I are going to look for dance classes somewhere. Not square dancing though! Hey if Cloris Letchman can do it at 82 why not us? Sorry kids more embarrassment for you!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Institute students

I just have to brag about having the greatest Institute class in the world! We usually get about 20-25 Institute kids each week. I guess I should define what Institute is first: It is a LDS Church Education Class for young men and women between the ages of 18-30. We are studying the New Testament this year.
Every Wednesday evening I am surrounded by the most wonderful people in a class room studying the scriptures and talking and learning about the Life of Christ. The spirit is amazing and so are they. I have learned so much in this calling, in my studies and in the classroom as they make comments. I cherish my time with these kids. They are righteous individuals with a desire to serve the Lord. I imagine the impact they will make on the their families and the world in the future. They all have the ability to do great things. I feel blessed!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Race For the Cure

Celeste and I were among about 50,000 women to walk or run the race for the cure. It was quite the experience. No one warned me that it would be so packed that you could not walk for about 2 miles. It was fun though, Celeste and I were side by side during the whole race. Celeste was brave and as we walked across the bridge she stayed on the edge to protect me. I don't like bridges and we were right on the edge. There was a railing there but you could see the water right below us.
There were women that were dressed really crazy, some were really quite weird but they were having fun so I guess that didn't matter if they were crazy.
Here are some pictures to capture the day. We spent the rest of the day with Joe and Celeste. We went to I-Hop in LR and then did some widow shopping. It was nice to play and spend time with the kids.

pictures of our family & most recent trip to Jules

My One week vacation

I was lucky to get away on a one week vacation and visit our daughter Julia in St. George, Ut. She and her husband have 2 adorable little girls and Julia is expecting a little boy in Feb (we hope he waits until Feb to be born) We had so much fun going to parks, playing in the water in our clothes, having picnic's and just playing and getting to know each other. Courtney is 1 1/2 and she hasn't known me at all. I haven't been to their home since she was born. We have been able to see them for a few days here or there but she would cry cause she didn't know who I was. I felt awful, here is this lady that wants to hug and kiss her and she was scared to death of me. This visit changed all that! It only took her one day to warm up to me. She couldn't say grandma so she called me "nice". She would point to me and call me "nice". It melted me! When we had family prayers they would say thanks that grandma could come and visit and she would say out loud "NICE". Adorable child. In the South we choose what grandparent name to be called by, I may change mine from grandma (isn't that original) to Nice.
Brooklyn who is 3 is quite the big sister too. We sang songs together with the actions, told stories, played dress ups and just had fun, did the things that grandma's and grandchildren are supposed to do. I didn't want the week to end. Julia and I enjoyed some time together as well. We went to a Huckleberry Finn Musical outdoors and we did some shopping and got a rasberry shake that equalled about a gallon of ice cream in each of our cups. As much as I love ice cream there is no way, no how I could have finished it or even eat half of it.
Then it was over and back to reality! But at least we have the memories and they think I am "Nice". I love being a grandma!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tagged by Janae

I have been tagged a couple of times so here goes my attempt to do this right:

7 things I can do:

1. I can laugh at almost anything and once I get started it is hard for me to stop.
2. I can be a fun grandma!
3. I can be with my husband at anytime, anyplace and love it.
4. I can drop off to sleep very quickly.
5. I can eat ice cream anytime and I eat it pretty fast too!
6. I can multi-task pretty well.
7. I can tread water and float in a pool for a very long time.

7 things I cannot do:

1. Can't see my kids and grandchildren all the time whenever I want
2. Can't run a marathon and don't ever want to
3. Can't play a musical instrument, I play the piano but not very well, I should have practiced more as a child.
4. Can't do a cartwheel anymore
5. Can't remember names of songs, movie stars, movies etc
6. Can't shop and buy whatever I want
7. Can't eat what I want without gaining weight

7 things that attracted me to Doug (this part was easy to fill out)

1. His voice (we spoke on the phone first to set up a blind date)
2. His patience
3. His kindness
4. His sense of humor
5. His willingness to live righteously
6. His integrity
7. His smile and beautiful blue eyes

7 things I say the most:

1. It is hot in here
2. It is cold in here (must be a hormone thing)
3. Instructions for oral surgery: "Nothing to eat or drink four hours before your appt and your driver will need to stay on the premises during the surgery.
4. Repeating a sentence for my husband again (he has a hearing problem and doesn't always hear the first and sometimes the second time)
5. We or I am going to be late
6. I am sorry
7. Thank you

7 Celebrity Admiration's (not in order of importance)

1. Richard Greer
2. Harrison Ford
3. Sean Connery
4. Julia Roberts
5. American Idol contestant
6. First Presidency and 12 apostles
7. Lucille Ball
8. Meg Ryan

7 Favorite foods

1. Ice Cream (any kind)
2. Pastries - Cinnamon Rolls
3. Mexican Food
4. fruits & vegetables
5. Chicken
6. Salmon
7. Hamburgers

7 People I tag

1. Aubrey Moon
2. Celeste Tribett
3. Veda Charlton
4. Jane Martindale
5. Katie Slade
6. Cindy Stepan
7. Tammy Booth

Friday, September 26, 2008

Kids Birthdays

We have 6 children. 3 boys and 3 girls... I know it is like the Brady Bunch (except I gave birth to all of them). Out of those 6 children, 3 of them have their birthdays in September. Now that is what I call planning. Aubrey had a tribute on her blog of Derek. It is his birthday today. He is a pretty great kid. I give my tribute to him as well. You won't find a better human being in the world than Derek. SO to you Derek, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON! I love you!
Jaren and Aubrey have their birthdays in September too. Jaren on Sept 1 and Aubrey Sept 14th. They are pretty special too. I love all my kids. Each one brings joy to our lives. I feel like it is a real privilege to be their mother. It seems like the years flew and now they are all gone and I call them long distance, or text message to keep in touch. Thank goodness for email, cell phones and the ability to send pictures and messages. It is better to be with them though. It is hard to have them so far away. But I do wish the 3 of you a very happy birthday. Love ya lots

I want a new style

Do you ever watch those TV shows where they take a person and completely redo their look? I want someone to nominate me! Ok, here is the problem... I noticed that they don't have people on those shows over 45 years of age. (Back to the previous post about getting old) Here is what I want. Well first I know I still have to drop a few more pounds (another 15 to be exact) but I am at the point of, do I dress to old or too young, kind of in the middle thing. I go with my daughter to shop and she puts clothes on and looks like a Barbie doll, of course I realize she is 22 years old and I am not. But then I put something on and there is a silence and then well... a giggle or we just bust out laughing. Not fun. Am I required at my age to wear nylons to church or can I go like others and wear bare legs (NO TAN mind you)? Now for the hair style. I get very frustrated with hair. I know what I want, I will take a picture in and say I want my hair like this. "Sure I can do that" they say. I don't say I want to look like her I say "I want my hair to be cut like this". Here is what one of my hairstylists said to me after cutting my hair. I looked at the picture and told her that it didn't look like what the picture showed, she said "I didn't bring my MAGIC WAND". Are you kidding me? Needless to say I moved on to another stylist! I keep trying to find someone who can do my hair the way I asked to have it done. I think I have pretty easy hair. I have about given up! I want a neat style. Not funky.
The other day I googled short hair styles and I could not believe what came up.

Yeah right, who wears their hair like that. You would have to be in Hollywood and on some kind of drug to be able to look in the mirror and really think it is an attractive look.

And no I don't want streaks of blue and purple in my hair either. Or my hair to hang in my eyes or stand up like I am scared all the time.

I guess I want age appropriate too, but not old appropriate! I believe after a certain age long hair is not appropriate. I know that is probably not popular but it is just my opinion. I don't like to see older women with long flowing hair. Mine is getting long now and it is time for a change. Long hair seems to pull me down, accents the lines and makes me feel droopy and old. SO I am getting a new cut. Have to find another decent picture and someone who will listen to what I want and perhaps make sure they brought their magic wand!.. So what do you think of this style. Now remember I am not asking to look like her (which wouldn't be bad) but rate the cut and see if it is Me (even without any magic)!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Up all night

A couple of days ago our Relief Society had a over night retreat at Petit Jean Mountain. I was excited to go and get away and just spend time with the ladies at church, getting to know everyone better. We had so much fun! I was in charge of games on Friday night. We played Telephone Charades, where you act out an event for 5 individuals one by one and by the 5th person the event is really messed up. The rest of the room chooses the event and knows what the clue is and then you watch as it gets totally messed... and by the time it gets to the last person they have no idea what they are doing and they adlib the whole thing. It is pretty halirous! All the ladies were great sports and went along with everything they were asked to do. After the games most of the women retired to their beds. We had 2 houses that we had rented. About 10 of us did not want the party to end so we went to the second house and talked, laughed and some cried util about 4:30 am. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in one night. It felt good to just laugh!!! We were woke up by laughing from the early retirees and the smell of breakfast. The new Mission President and his wife came and spoke to us for a early morning devotional.
I enjoyed the experience and the new friendships that were devoloped. Sometimes we just get so caught up in the busy life that we don't take the time to have fun, even with the people at churc that we see every week. I love these ladies. We are all at different seasons of our lives. (As per my previous post, I was the oldest crazy one to stay up late) but we have the love of the gospel in common. And the sisterhood we share as Relief Society sister.
It was great fun having Celeste with me on this retreat. She has moved out of the ward but was very much welcomed back into the fold. She is a pretty fun girl and it was great spending time with her.
I look at life differently than I used to. I want to enjoy life and not sit by and know that others are having fun. Sometimes it takes a problem in life to wake you up and help you realize that life is short and each day is precious and needs to be lived. You know those three words I keep seeing around "Love, Laugh, Live" It is true. I don't want to be a watcher but a doer.
To those ladies, thanks for the memories and the fun.

Friday, September 19, 2008


What is old? I keep hearing my kids and others say "They are pretty old ya know maybe 50 or 60". Watch it! I represent that comment. The 50 part not the 60's yet. It is amazing how I don't feel old but then you go to the mirror and there it is. A reflection of a much older person than you remember seeing staring back at you. I don't like it! The process of getting old is not fun. I have started paying attention to all those comercials that I used to laugh at. Now I care about which medicine to take for the ailments or irregularity. Gross! I had to go to the doctors the other day and he told me the reason that am experiencing a certain problem. At the end of his explanation I said "So you are telling me that this is AGE related". He said "We never say that, this is for those who are wiser and smarter than most people" I laughed, "Age related" I said. He just smiled. The question is what do you do about it? Nothing but excercise, eat right and pray that you hold out for as long as possible. I have noticed when we go out to eat with friends the conversation turns to ailements, doctors, surgeries and of course another subject, our kids (that is for another post). I have to force myself to exercise! I always feel better when I do but it is hard to get the body out of bed and go to the gym. I always need a push. Like Doug asking me if I went that day. Course as some of you know that my man is training for a half marathon in Oct. I am pitiful compared to him. Looking in the mirror sometimes gives me that boost to visit the gym or just going by how slugish I feel. So the next time you see me, help give me that little push and ask me, How is the gym these days? Hopefully you will get a smile and not a glare.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I love to laugh! I love humor (clean humor). I work for an Oral Surgeon and we had a patient come in a couple of weeks ago that needed to have a tooth extracted (pulled). The patient was from another country (India) and perhaps did not understand completely but none the less was funny.
The patient was told 2 weeks before his surgery date that he had to have 3 teeth pulled. One of the teeth was the upper "eye tooth" (you know the one that looks like a fang). Well he had worried about that one tooth being extracted. When the Dr. came in to start the surgery he asked the Dr. to promise that he would not lose his "eye sight" if that tooth is taken out. Because of course it is called an "eye tooth" and it is connected to his eye sight. He was serious! The Dr. promised that it would not affect his eye sight. He came back a week later and said that he wishes that he would not have had that tooth taken out cause he thinks he has started having weaker vision. PLEASE! I kept my cool until he left and then I had to go in the bathroom to laugh. Try talking to him about that when he calls to ask questions about his eyesight without laughing. That is what the hold button is for right?
I had another lady call the other day to schedule an appointment to have her gall bladder "tooken out". I told her that this Dr. is an Oral Surgeon, she still didn't get that word "oral" she cared only that he is a surgeon. Oh dear, she said she didn't care if he just pulled that sucker out through her mouth it hurts so bad. And my jaw dropped. What exactly do you say to that? People are funny!

Empty nesters

We have been "empty nesters" for about 3 1/2 years, but it hasn't been too bad cause Celeste and Joe have been living in the same town. We could see them at church or just call and invite them to eat with us at any given time. It didn't make the empty nesters seem so bad cause they were close. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love having family around. Kids and grandkids are my life. Well that all changed a couple of weeks ago when Celeste and Joe decided to move to the "big city". Oh it is only 35 minutes away but it is a stark difference from having them a couple of minutes away. Happy for them but it has not been fun!
Good thing we have fun things to look forward to. I am going to visit Julia and family in a week for 7 days. Julia is expecting their 3rd child and she and I can use some fun time to visit and prepare for the new baby. AND we are planning on spending Thanksgiving with some of our kids at our house. Whoever can get away is coming. And Christmas plans are in St. George with Ryan and Julia's families and anyone else that can come. Jane will be having their new little girl in November so we will be adding to the family 2 more babies. YEA! Thank goodness for Families & Holidays.


These are our grandchildren at Aubrey and Kyle's wedding on Aug 1, 2008. They are adorable! Oh how we miss seeing them often. Good thing for internet!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Look what I can do

I learned how to put pictures on my computer and put them on my blog. Here it goes! These are some picture from our California trip.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

California family fun!

Memorial Day Weekend was sooo very fun for our family. We have long awaited the time for our family to get together again. Ryan and Jane opened up their beautiful home in Los Angeles to all 16 of us. They are perfect hosts. 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms to accomodate the family.

All of us went to Disneyland and had a really great time. It would have been better without the rain. I still laugh when I picture Ryan & Jane, Julia and Nathan sitting in the little Dumbo ride with all their children in the pouring rain trying to look like they are having fun. What parents don't do for their kids. It was great to spend a few days together again.

Aubrey brought her fiance' and so he got a extra dose of what he is marrying into. Poor guy.

Somehow even though we all live far from each other we have been able to find a way to spend time together here and there.

As you know I am not real technical or quick in these new ways of communication but I am loving the text messages. I find it easier than calling and chatting. Now I am working on the digital camera. I need to get some pictures on this blog cause it is boring without pictures. I know I am old fashioned but I am working on getting updated. I rely on my children to help me out with these things!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

upcoming wedding

Our daughter Aubrey is engaged to be married in August. It is exciting to starting making arrangements for their special day. I met the groom- to-be last month for the first time. He is a keeper! They will be married in Salt Lake and then have an open house in Idaho (where he is from) and then another open house in AR... It will be a busy summer. We are excited for a new son-in-law.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

There is nothing like a rain storm in the south. It isn't rain it is like someone just dumped an ocean on you. I have never seen torrents of rain like I have here. Sometimes it doesn't just stop with rain but it adds other features to the storm. Like Tornados! Living in Arkansas has been interesting, in the spring we always gear up for Tornado weather. Our family has been here for 20 years now and I have never been fond of hearing the warning sirens go off. The whole family runs and hides in a small space waiting for the destruction to hit. Being transplants from the West we really haven't experienced a tornado, yes we have seen the destruction on tv and as we drive around but never have we been in an actual tornado. We have had sirens go off and the kids (sometimes Doug and I) would run to the window to look.... not a smart thing to do in tornado weather.
Last night I heard that there was going to be some rough storms. That always makes me nervous. Define rough storms.... TORNADO!!! I sat and watched TV stations tell were the tornado activity was and Celeste kept calling me. I told her nothing to worry about it is in Little Rock, Bryant and heading for Cabot and Beebe. Looking up during our conversation they show a little swirl coming from Morrilton headed for Conway. It was 8 miles from the town. Sure I could hear the thunder and see the lightening but that happens all the time. Doug was already in bed asleep. The tornado was at Toad Suck 3 miles from us and headed our way. The tv screen flashed red with the warning the sirens went off and fear set in. I never moved so fast in all my life. I ran in the bedroom, threw the covers off of a very sleepy husband and yelled "Get up we have to take cover, get in the laundry room"! His response was "What are you talking about, the sirens haven't gone off." (My dear husband has railroad ears and doesn't hear alot that goes on) I grabbed his arm, the phone and 2 king size pillows and ran to the laundry room, sat down and waited.... Our 24 hour emergency kits were in there and I knew we were kind of ready. We waited out the storm for about 10 min. then it was gone. The whole central part of Arkansas got pounded last night. This is not the first time this year we have had a tornado and I suspect it won't be the last for the spring. The last time (when 13 people were killed Feb 5, 2008 I got in my car and went to the church.... NOW that was scary and dumb. I learned something, better to stay home than go out in that wicked stuff. I have a new respect for mother nature! Can I just say I don't like this part of living in Arkansas... The tornado is gone but the rain and flash floods are lingering. The bright side: When (if)it all dries up we will have a beautiful green summer!

Friday, March 14, 2008


I have to say that one of the most rewarding relationships is being a grandma. I had no idea how much fun it would be! It would be so fun to live closer to our children and grandchildren so that we could see them often. We live many states away from each other so we communicate over the phone. Of course the young ones don't have a clue who we are when they see us but it doesn't take long to get that bond going after being with them a short time. Today our little 3 year old grandaughter called me at work and said "Hi grandma, how are you doing?" then she sang one of her little nursery songs for me. It was adorable! We miss not seeing Luke, Brooklyn, Sydney and Courtney on a daily basis. Thank goodness their parents see fit to send pictures and call so we can keep in touch. We have a big family trip planned to Ryan & Jane's home in Los Angeles so that we can spend time together and Disneyland is on the itinerary...
I haven't been there for 25 years! There is nothing like family!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008


My daugther Celeste set me up on this. I have really loved reading Jane & Celeste's blog and going into their friends to see their fun set ups. This is all new to me but what fun it has been reading others. My friend Pam sent me her blog last year and I read hers daily. She is a fantastic writer and really adds her personality to her blog. Ryan and Jane have famous people they see all the time since their move to LA. Their pictures of the family are fun to see since they live so far away. One picture is of Ryan with a mohawk, I am sure I won't be having any pictures of Doug cutting our hair like that but it was fun and to know that it was a short lived style for our eldest son! In an effort to keep us all close and entertained maybe we can share some fun experiences to the blog world. Celeste trys hard to keep Doug and I in the 21st century and up to date on what is cool. So thanks Celeste! Julia has expressed a desire to set a blog site up, go for it Julia, would love to see the pictures of the kids. Derek, Aubrey, Jaren have Myspace pages so I go there often to see how their doing. Guess that is getting outdated cause all the posts are last year... this is the new upcoming thing now.

Hope you enjoy!