Sunday, February 7, 2010

I have my life back (almost)!!!

Things are looking up and I am finally on the road to having my life back. The doctors are not sure what brought all this on but possibly through a series of events and my already medical condition (brain tumor), something happened that they cannot explain. After talking to about 6 doctors (specialist mind you) I found one that was willing to do tests, he was persistent in the diagnosis and treatment. I am not going to go into all the details but he told me the day he released me from the hospital "Mrs. Martindale, I am giving you your life back". I do not have epilepsy, I am off the high doses (in fact all doses) of the seizure medication. I am to take it easy and go back into things slowly, I will be able to drive, go back to work and function as I did before but not take on quite as much. I have not had an episode for 2 weeks now and have been at home getting my strenth back and basically hibernating to get back to my old "normal".

Now we know that this awesome doctor found all this information out but we realize that I was being blessed to find the right doctor who would listen and take action. Heavenly Father has blessed us beyond belief (yet again) because of everyone's prayers and faith. The strength and support that we recieve is amazing. Thanks to all of you for your love, prayers, food, flowers, notes, visits and phone calls. We as a family felt that power and never wanted to give up even when I was told (by one crazy doctor) that my life was just going to get worse and I needed to deal with it. Prayers are very powerful and we know who these wonderful blessings come from. It was a trial and we look on it as a growing time for all of us! Our family was amazing too, our children were so supportive and just jumped in to help even when it was a difficult and required much sacrifice on their part. We are blessed to have each of you in our lives. God gives us others to not only share in our burdens but to help lift us up when we are down.

Love ya'll and thanks again. whoot hoo, yeeehaa I am back (almost)!