Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There is a silver lining

The silver lining to being gimpie and sick is having awesome adult children that will come and help take care of you. I have been truly blessed with adult kids that rally around and help out when needed. These are opportunities to spend time with them and grandchildren that I would not have had if "all was well".
Aubrey gave me a gift that has the words written "The most important things in life are not things". So very true.

I am learning that there is a "new normal" for me in my life. I just have to get used to the "new normal" and help others around me realize what that is and how to deal with it.

Here are some of my new normals: I need help walking sometimes, I need someone to sit next to me at church and realize that I might end up resting my head on their shoulder, I need people to help me with transportation because I can't drive etc. So life goes on and we accept "new normal" and make the best of it.

Just so this is upbeat I wanted to add pictures of some of the silver linings and greatest blessings in my life.

Family that we shared precious memories with last year:

My brother Don and his wife Rae Jean for a weekend visit.

My sister Michelle and her family with Mom and Dad and sister in-law Rae Jean.

Extra special treat was my institute class doing a surprise Christmas Carol visit. Yeah I wasn't dressed.

Family and friends are the silver lining to every life of every day :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Got any ideas?

We are getting ready to sell our house. We are downsizing pretty much everything! What do you do with all the stuff you have accumulated over the years. Like: church books (fictional) that have been read and probably won't be read again in this home, wedding dress slips that are in perfect condition, a wedding vale that has never been worn (put those on Craigslist and in the paper and didn't get any response I would probably do better sending somewhere in Utah to sell huh?) just stuff. I keep telling myself that it is "just stuff" so it will be easier to get rid of. It's just stuff that I really don't need. So if you have ideas on what to do with all this "stuff" let me know. (We are having a moving sale as soon as we sell the house) but don't want to put the above items in it.
I am open for any suggestions!

Happy New Year

We spent a quite evening at home last night. Our friends the Green's came over to help bring in the New Year. Had Derek, Celeste, Joe and cute little Liz here to help celebrate too. Nothing better than family and friends!
Good bye 2009 Hello 2010.

Started the morning off by saying goodbye to Derek as he starts moves to a new state and new job. He has been a life saver for the past month, driving me everywhere and taking good care of the family along with Celeste.

Wishing all my friends and family a very Happy New Year.