Monday, August 17, 2009

Half Marathon???

In a previous post I mentioned that Doug has been trying to convince me to walk the Conway's half-marathon in Oct. I have said "No" so many times but I went to their kick off meeting (with a poor attitude I must admit). I sat there with all those runners (obsessive runners) and thought no way. Well then a man gets up to tell where all the money for the race is going. It is called the Soaring Wings Ranch. It is a home for abused, neglected teens, kids that don't have anywhere else to go. My heart melted, I figured even if I walk a few miles I can pay the money, put the shirt on and walk as far as I can to help out these kids.

I started the training and now I am on my 3rd week... and I walked 4 miles twice last week. I told the girls at work that I didn't want to walk the race all by myself so they offered to do the race with me. All but one of my co-workers is younger than I am and they are all working to get into shape to do it with me. We all live in different towns so we all have to train on our own.

Last Sat I went and walked with the walking group that is set up to train for the 1/2marathon at the Fitness Center, there was only one woman that was younger than me. The other women were in the 60's & 70's. They walk everyday and are in pretty good shape. And yes I kept up with them, in fact I started walking faster and then the oldest little lady seemed to be having a hard time so I walked with her until we got back to the Fitness Center. What was I supposed to do leave her there in the dust... don't think so. She just kept saying "it is so hot" and it was. The humidity was a killer! The ladies kept reminding me that the Sat walk is for endurance not for speed... so tomorrow I do the speed and I will be doing it on the treadmill.

Amy Routt came and talked to me the other day while I was finishing my first 4 miles. She was cheering me on, it is good to have young, thin, and athletic friends while you are training for something like that. She showed me exercises to do after the walk, and well... they hurt but they helped.

I guess I will keep training and see what happens. Crazy I know, but hey it is for a good cause and if I can lose a few pounds in the process then I will be thrilled!!!

Wish me luck!