Sunday, June 21, 2009

25th Anniversary

Happy 25th Anniversary Mom and Dad! We love you and your loving examples. I loved to always see you guys showing your love for one another whether it be sneaking a kiss or holding hands every chance you get. Love you guys! -kids

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weigh in

I had to go to the Neurosurgeon's yesterday. Everytime I go they do the dreaded weigh-in... and I am thinking, what does my weight have to do with my brain tumor? I stepped on the scale and looked at the nurse and said "I would rather have the shots in my face, than step on these scales"! (I was actually there for the shots in my face and I waited 2 1/2 hours for those blasted shots). She laughed and told me a story about a lady that went to a resturant and when the waitress asked her what she wanted to order she replied, "Well I am going to order 1 chicken breast with a salad, and you are going to mistakenly bring me lasagna and cheescake". I love it, then she told me another one about a lady who got up to go jogging and she thought she would check with her body if that was a good thing to do and her toes were against it 10 to 1. Yeah I know it is cheezy but it is pretty funny too.

I have made it to the gym every day this week, I saw Amy Routt there yesterday, she was on this machine that strengths arms, it helps you do pull ups and push ups. And as Amy said, "it strengthens your core". Well I come from a family that has a problem with bone loss so I figured this is something I could really use. I watched her and it didn't look too bad. I told her that I had never used that particular machine, she offered to show me how to use it. Sure, sounded good. I did it and she stood there and told me how many reps to do of each one. OK, at first it was alright, but of course the more I did, the worse it got. By the time she walked away I was DYING! She said as she walked away, "Just do another set of those". NO WAY! And today, I am hurting, but they say that pain means that weakness is leaving the body. I like that, it helps me get thru the pain. I will go again tomorrow and do that same machine, I will probably change the weights a little bit.

Another funny about the gym, this guy goes to the doctor and is told that he needs to go to the gym and start exercising but start out slowly. The guy gets up in the morning and starts out by driving slowly in front of the gym. Yeah another cheezy one but it is kind of what I have been doing everytime I drive past the Fitness center, thinking I need to get in there. Now I am going IN again.

Doug is thinking about running the Conway half marathon, he keeps trying to get me to do it. I think I am with the 2nd joke, 10-1 saying that I won't. But maybe ?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Our home

Doug and I like to have people in our home. Joe and Celeste were here for a few months,it was nice having them around. I had to get used to the idea that they were moving in to their own home a couple of miles away. It was exciting to help them get their home ready to live in. 2 weeks ago the big day came and Celeste wanted, no, insisted that they be in their house for her birthday. We all worked hard to make that happen... the house was lonely again.
A month ago I got a call from a lady in Utah. Her son was moving here to start a job with a new company in town. His name is Kirk, he is getting married in July to a girl from Idaho. They are making some big changes in their lives. 1. Moving from the West to Arkansas... for all of you who have made that move you know what a culture shock that is! 2. They are getting married and are coming here directly after their honeymoon... that is a big adjustment too! 3. They are both starting new jobs! No need to say anymore about that one.
He needed a place to stay before he gets married. We were more than happy to have him take the extra space on the other side of the house! He has been here about 2 weeks and has been the perfect house guest!!! His fiance' just flew in tonight and we just met her, what a cute couple and what a great asset they will be to our Ward! She is staying somewhere else in town and is going to go on job interviews, and help find a place to live. It is fun to see how happy and excited they are to make their new life together and be willing to make all these changes at once. If you see him at church say hi. They are a very sweet couple and hopefully we will make them feel welcome to good old Arkansas!