Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life changes

We are making lots of life changes in the next few months. We are moving after 23 years of living in the same city, retirement, new grand babies, traveling, new home, and hopeful more blogging. The other change is I am going private with my blog, so if you are interested in following let me know by leaving your email address.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thanks, I needed that!

We watched General Conference this weekend and were so inspired and touched by the spirit and the messages that we heard. President Monson spoke on gratitude and I feel like recently I have not shown gratitude for what I do have. I have been focusing on what is wrong in my life and not what God has blessed me with. So thanks President Monson for writing that talk and delivering to us. I needed that! I am sorry to all those who I have whined and bemoaned to. Our daughter Celeste told me the other day "mom life is just what you make it". That made me think but I continued to complain some. Sorry Celeste. I now have heard it from a prophet too and have to try to be more grateful. So here are some of the things I am grateful for in my life:

For the creations of God and all His miracles and tender mercies, His Son Jesus Christ that makes it possible to return to our Father in Heaven (Plan of Salvation) Life itself, Family...(Husband, children, grandchildren, parent, siblings etc) though we are very far from perfect I feel privileged to be a member of it. Gospel of Jesus Christ, Health, Friends, Country, Bounties of life, technology and modern conveniences, good music, good books, hobbies and many other things that I have been blessed with.

President Monson said this quote this morning and I love it "Live in gratitude and you will touch heaven". And he said it in a way that only he could say, he paused after the word you. I will try to always remember this. The examples he used in the scriptures helped me realize that I need to do better in being grateful. I love conference I always come away wanting to be a better person. I am glad we have it every 6 months to remind us.

I called to talk to our son Derek today and he said that he went to every session (all 5) at Temple Square. Oh how wonderful and how blessed we are to live in this day.

Grateful for family and friends who leave comments too :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

So now I wait...

My last post was about the fun we had this summer. Now for the rest of the story...
I started wearing a boot about the end of April this year. The doctor thinks that I have a torn tendon in my left foot. MRI shows there is a problem and so they want to see if they can help and correct it some with the big old ugly black boot. I wore that thing until August and I changed doctors in July. (My first doctor just wasn't very proactive or helpful and I didn't feel confident with his decisions). First visit with new Doctor he did more tests and said yes I do need surgery. Date is set for the surgery and I told by said Dr that I can NOT FOR ANY REASON put my foot to the ground and put ANY weight on it AT ALL. He repeated it at my pre surgery appt too. I got all the "stuff" to help me out during the 6-8 weeks, like walker, wheelchair, crutches and shower chair. Aug 17th I had the surgery. The doctor was really excited about what he found. He said "I have never seen anything like that before, it was sooo cool" Really I am glad that I could entertain you Dr. F. He found that the tendon was not torn at all, there was an extra bone in the foot that was actually growing into the tendon. Well how cool is that? NOT... It would have been better to be born with an extra something else, like metabolism or something like that. During this time Celeste and Joe and little Lizzie were getting ready to move to OK. They left on Aug 20 for their new home. (I mention this because Celeste and Lizzie and I spent every day together and they are greatly missed around here) Doug could only take the day off that I had the surgery so basically I have been home all day by myself since then. Doug has literally had to do EVERYTHING around the house and to help me when he gets home from work. I don't like being a dependent person, but have not had a choice. Doug has been such a wonderful husband and has never complained.

It is a treat when I get out of the house and I enjoy the simple things in life. I love it when I have a visitors and I have been blessed to have good friends drop by once in a while. Tammy (dear friend) has taken me to all my doctor appts every week. I have watched a lot of tv, read a couple of books, crocheted and I learned to knit (thanks Kathleen). Today I sat out on our little patio and watched over the golf course. We have 2 ponds right in front of our house and we can see 4 of the greens and flags on the course. I like sitting out there and watching the golfers. It is fun watching when they hit the ball in the water and they go after it... I know I need to get a life.

I was told last week that I could start to walk in my boot ONLY. Still never putting my foot to the ground without the boot. I was so excited and so started last Sat. During the last 6 weeks my foot has been wrapped with many different dressings and splints and 2 casts. Both casts had to be cut off within a couple of days cause they were too tight. A couple of the wraps were too tight and I started losing circulation in my toes. Well I believe because of that my big toe got infected (on the same foot) and on Monday of this week I went to the same foot doctor (Dr. #2) to have him look at it. The toenail was all infected and he said it was abscessed all around the nail. He determined that the whole nail had to come off. Because it had so much infection he couldn't get the dumb thing very numb. I don't need to tell you how bad that hurt right? Oh wow, I have had 6 children, 4 shoulder surgeries and many other surgeries and never have I had anything hurt like that. So the one day I decided I would try to drive myself to the doctors was that same day the nail came off. NOT a good idea. So it put my healing time back some and now I continue to wait and wait to heal. I have to be better cause in a couple of weeks I am going to meet with our daughters for a fun weekend and baby shower... then off to Utah to visit with family and friends. I have to be better. So I wait (I am trying to be patient) And I am sparing you any pictures.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

blog update

I have really been lazy about updating my blog. I have a good friend that reminded me that I need to write more and tell the good and the bad. I choose to write the fun things that happened this summer.

We did get together as a family in July. Not all the kids were able to make it. That is the challenge of having a large family, it is really hard getting together. We spent a couple of days doing some fun activities in Salt Lake this year. It was the first time where we actually had all 7 grandchildren together. We made an attempt to take a picture but one child was asleep and a couple were just very unhappy. We took the picture anyway.

We also went to a huge arcade with an "all you can eat buffet" for as long as you want. The kids and adults had so much fun. I love to see the grand kids having fun.

We missed having Aubrey, Kyle and Joe with us at the family events this time. We hope that we can all get together for one of the holidays soon. Aubrey and Kyle are expecting their first child (baby girl) in November. So I am sure more pictures will be taken of those fun times. It is nice to have these great times to look back on and look forward to. I love the times together with the family. There is nothing that makes my life happier!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

My sweet brother.

I have two sisters, one older and one younger and one younger brother. My brother was a guy's guy. He has always loved motorcyles, boats, trucks, radios, and he lived his life having fun, working hard and loving and taking care of his family. He was the only son, only boy and my dad's best friend... all of our best friend. He loved to make things pretty and green and keep them that way. He used to tease us (his sisters) all the time. He's very handsome and has been told he looked like Tom Cruise. I have been told that I look more like him than I do my sisters, and without makeup I do... I always said that I would have been a better looking boy. He was always laughing and was very funny, his favorite word to say was "flip". Ahh he could make me laugh and was quite the gentleman. I remember when I had one of my daughters and my life was very hard, I got a very sweet card from him, and he said all the right things to make me feel better and make me smile. He was my hero so many times in my life and oh how I love him!!!

So it is with great sorrow and saddness when I learned that he passed away tonight.

I love you Don and pray for peace and God's tender mercies to attend us as we learn to cope without you. May you rest in peace dear sweet brother of mine.

This is Don with his wife Rae Jean when they came for a visit for his birthday in Oct of 2009. It was his first visit to Arkansas and he was so excited to see the beauty of the state. The Old Mill was his favorite place that we visited.

Family picture of my parents and siblings...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Eventful Summer

Our house is Sold and the people that are buying the house want to close June 28th. That means we have to move on June 26th. We are busy looking for a place to live. I didn't realize how hard it would be to find a place! It is hard to downsize and live somewhere else. I have some issues about where I live and I guess I might be rather odd or a bit OCD. Is is too much to ask for a place to be clean?
So today the search continues... Celeste, Baby Lizzie and I are out on the hunt again.

Today I go to the Doctor to find out if I have to have foot surgery. An eventful summer!

More exciting news is Derek our youngest son is going to Dubai for 3 months to over see the landscaping for the tallest building in the world. It is an awesome opportunity for him. Way to go Derek!

Happy summer blog friends!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blog updates

I have not entered anything on my blog for a long time, not because there isn't anything going on in our life... just haven't wanted to.

I started taking piano lessons a few weeks ago. It has been years since I quit piano lessons. I think I was in 5th or 6th grade. I took for 4 years and really didn't like to practice and I didn't like the dreaded piano teacher. My mother warned me that I would regret quitting... and I do. Julia gave me piano lessons for a Mother's Day gift and I find it exciting to practice and pass off each piece. It is nice to learn the info all over again. Life is funny though, my teacher is one of my Mia Maids that I taught when I first moved here 22 years ago. She is patient with me and all my bad piano playing habits that I have acquired.

Aubrey and Kyle came this past weekend for a visit. We had a great timeand went shopping for Aubrey's maturnity clothes, Aubs and Celeste got pedicures, we went to the new Yogurt shop a few times, went swimming, went to breakfast and had barbeque with friends. It was a nice weekend!

I am sporting a really awkward (and ugly) air boot. I tore a tendon in my left foot. Not really sure how or when I did it. I do remember last summer Doug convincing me to prepare for a half marathon (yes it is the same 1/2 marathon that Doug ran and fractured his leg and was on crutches). I was doing quite well with that and got a little to over active and remember pulling something in the left foot. It has hurt since then and no amount of physical therapy and ice has helped it. Probably looking at wearing the thing for 4 more weeks, then check it and probably do surgery then wear it another 6 weeks or so. So I will sport this all summer. I took it off last night and my left leg is much thinner that the right leg now. Wonder if I could get velcro and use it on my whole body?

We plan on a vacation to Utah this summer within the next month. We are all getting together for a family reunion at our eldest son's house. We are excited to be together again. Hopefully the weather in Utah will stay cool for the summer. I am excited to get out of this heat!!! While on vacation I have some high school friends that I haven't seen in a long time and we are planning a lunch date. I am so excited for that too! Also Julia is moving into her new home in a few weeks so I want to be there to help her out.

Our house is still for sale. The market is picking back up so that is a good sign. We are getting rid of "stuff" and it is so liberating. Celeste and I did a big garage sale a few weeks ago and got rid of furniture and just stuff. Now to sale the house and we will be set! Our plans to downsize will be complete.

Can I just say I love summer, spending time with kids and grandkids, I love sitting by the pool, and I love to eat fresh fruits (melons are my favorites) oh and ice cream/yogurt. More blog info to come later.

Have a great summer!