Friday, April 4, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

There is nothing like a rain storm in the south. It isn't rain it is like someone just dumped an ocean on you. I have never seen torrents of rain like I have here. Sometimes it doesn't just stop with rain but it adds other features to the storm. Like Tornados! Living in Arkansas has been interesting, in the spring we always gear up for Tornado weather. Our family has been here for 20 years now and I have never been fond of hearing the warning sirens go off. The whole family runs and hides in a small space waiting for the destruction to hit. Being transplants from the West we really haven't experienced a tornado, yes we have seen the destruction on tv and as we drive around but never have we been in an actual tornado. We have had sirens go off and the kids (sometimes Doug and I) would run to the window to look.... not a smart thing to do in tornado weather.
Last night I heard that there was going to be some rough storms. That always makes me nervous. Define rough storms.... TORNADO!!! I sat and watched TV stations tell were the tornado activity was and Celeste kept calling me. I told her nothing to worry about it is in Little Rock, Bryant and heading for Cabot and Beebe. Looking up during our conversation they show a little swirl coming from Morrilton headed for Conway. It was 8 miles from the town. Sure I could hear the thunder and see the lightening but that happens all the time. Doug was already in bed asleep. The tornado was at Toad Suck 3 miles from us and headed our way. The tv screen flashed red with the warning the sirens went off and fear set in. I never moved so fast in all my life. I ran in the bedroom, threw the covers off of a very sleepy husband and yelled "Get up we have to take cover, get in the laundry room"! His response was "What are you talking about, the sirens haven't gone off." (My dear husband has railroad ears and doesn't hear alot that goes on) I grabbed his arm, the phone and 2 king size pillows and ran to the laundry room, sat down and waited.... Our 24 hour emergency kits were in there and I knew we were kind of ready. We waited out the storm for about 10 min. then it was gone. The whole central part of Arkansas got pounded last night. This is not the first time this year we have had a tornado and I suspect it won't be the last for the spring. The last time (when 13 people were killed Feb 5, 2008 I got in my car and went to the church.... NOW that was scary and dumb. I learned something, better to stay home than go out in that wicked stuff. I have a new respect for mother nature! Can I just say I don't like this part of living in Arkansas... The tornado is gone but the rain and flash floods are lingering. The bright side: When (if)it all dries up we will have a beautiful green summer!