Tuesday, August 31, 2010

blog update

I have really been lazy about updating my blog. I have a good friend that reminded me that I need to write more and tell the good and the bad. I choose to write the fun things that happened this summer.

We did get together as a family in July. Not all the kids were able to make it. That is the challenge of having a large family, it is really hard getting together. We spent a couple of days doing some fun activities in Salt Lake this year. It was the first time where we actually had all 7 grandchildren together. We made an attempt to take a picture but one child was asleep and a couple were just very unhappy. We took the picture anyway.

We also went to a huge arcade with an "all you can eat buffet" for as long as you want. The kids and adults had so much fun. I love to see the grand kids having fun.

We missed having Aubrey, Kyle and Joe with us at the family events this time. We hope that we can all get together for one of the holidays soon. Aubrey and Kyle are expecting their first child (baby girl) in November. So I am sure more pictures will be taken of those fun times. It is nice to have these great times to look back on and look forward to. I love the times together with the family. There is nothing that makes my life happier!!!