Friday, September 26, 2008

Kids Birthdays

We have 6 children. 3 boys and 3 girls... I know it is like the Brady Bunch (except I gave birth to all of them). Out of those 6 children, 3 of them have their birthdays in September. Now that is what I call planning. Aubrey had a tribute on her blog of Derek. It is his birthday today. He is a pretty great kid. I give my tribute to him as well. You won't find a better human being in the world than Derek. SO to you Derek, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON! I love you!
Jaren and Aubrey have their birthdays in September too. Jaren on Sept 1 and Aubrey Sept 14th. They are pretty special too. I love all my kids. Each one brings joy to our lives. I feel like it is a real privilege to be their mother. It seems like the years flew and now they are all gone and I call them long distance, or text message to keep in touch. Thank goodness for email, cell phones and the ability to send pictures and messages. It is better to be with them though. It is hard to have them so far away. But I do wish the 3 of you a very happy birthday. Love ya lots

I want a new style

Do you ever watch those TV shows where they take a person and completely redo their look? I want someone to nominate me! Ok, here is the problem... I noticed that they don't have people on those shows over 45 years of age. (Back to the previous post about getting old) Here is what I want. Well first I know I still have to drop a few more pounds (another 15 to be exact) but I am at the point of, do I dress to old or too young, kind of in the middle thing. I go with my daughter to shop and she puts clothes on and looks like a Barbie doll, of course I realize she is 22 years old and I am not. But then I put something on and there is a silence and then well... a giggle or we just bust out laughing. Not fun. Am I required at my age to wear nylons to church or can I go like others and wear bare legs (NO TAN mind you)? Now for the hair style. I get very frustrated with hair. I know what I want, I will take a picture in and say I want my hair like this. "Sure I can do that" they say. I don't say I want to look like her I say "I want my hair to be cut like this". Here is what one of my hairstylists said to me after cutting my hair. I looked at the picture and told her that it didn't look like what the picture showed, she said "I didn't bring my MAGIC WAND". Are you kidding me? Needless to say I moved on to another stylist! I keep trying to find someone who can do my hair the way I asked to have it done. I think I have pretty easy hair. I have about given up! I want a neat style. Not funky.
The other day I googled short hair styles and I could not believe what came up.

Yeah right, who wears their hair like that. You would have to be in Hollywood and on some kind of drug to be able to look in the mirror and really think it is an attractive look.

And no I don't want streaks of blue and purple in my hair either. Or my hair to hang in my eyes or stand up like I am scared all the time.

I guess I want age appropriate too, but not old appropriate! I believe after a certain age long hair is not appropriate. I know that is probably not popular but it is just my opinion. I don't like to see older women with long flowing hair. Mine is getting long now and it is time for a change. Long hair seems to pull me down, accents the lines and makes me feel droopy and old. SO I am getting a new cut. Have to find another decent picture and someone who will listen to what I want and perhaps make sure they brought their magic wand!.. So what do you think of this style. Now remember I am not asking to look like her (which wouldn't be bad) but rate the cut and see if it is Me (even without any magic)!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Up all night

A couple of days ago our Relief Society had a over night retreat at Petit Jean Mountain. I was excited to go and get away and just spend time with the ladies at church, getting to know everyone better. We had so much fun! I was in charge of games on Friday night. We played Telephone Charades, where you act out an event for 5 individuals one by one and by the 5th person the event is really messed up. The rest of the room chooses the event and knows what the clue is and then you watch as it gets totally messed... and by the time it gets to the last person they have no idea what they are doing and they adlib the whole thing. It is pretty halirous! All the ladies were great sports and went along with everything they were asked to do. After the games most of the women retired to their beds. We had 2 houses that we had rented. About 10 of us did not want the party to end so we went to the second house and talked, laughed and some cried util about 4:30 am. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in one night. It felt good to just laugh!!! We were woke up by laughing from the early retirees and the smell of breakfast. The new Mission President and his wife came and spoke to us for a early morning devotional.
I enjoyed the experience and the new friendships that were devoloped. Sometimes we just get so caught up in the busy life that we don't take the time to have fun, even with the people at churc that we see every week. I love these ladies. We are all at different seasons of our lives. (As per my previous post, I was the oldest crazy one to stay up late) but we have the love of the gospel in common. And the sisterhood we share as Relief Society sister.
It was great fun having Celeste with me on this retreat. She has moved out of the ward but was very much welcomed back into the fold. She is a pretty fun girl and it was great spending time with her.
I look at life differently than I used to. I want to enjoy life and not sit by and know that others are having fun. Sometimes it takes a problem in life to wake you up and help you realize that life is short and each day is precious and needs to be lived. You know those three words I keep seeing around "Love, Laugh, Live" It is true. I don't want to be a watcher but a doer.
To those ladies, thanks for the memories and the fun.

Friday, September 19, 2008


What is old? I keep hearing my kids and others say "They are pretty old ya know maybe 50 or 60". Watch it! I represent that comment. The 50 part not the 60's yet. It is amazing how I don't feel old but then you go to the mirror and there it is. A reflection of a much older person than you remember seeing staring back at you. I don't like it! The process of getting old is not fun. I have started paying attention to all those comercials that I used to laugh at. Now I care about which medicine to take for the ailments or irregularity. Gross! I had to go to the doctors the other day and he told me the reason that am experiencing a certain problem. At the end of his explanation I said "So you are telling me that this is AGE related". He said "We never say that, this is for those who are wiser and smarter than most people" I laughed, "Age related" I said. He just smiled. The question is what do you do about it? Nothing but excercise, eat right and pray that you hold out for as long as possible. I have noticed when we go out to eat with friends the conversation turns to ailements, doctors, surgeries and of course another subject, our kids (that is for another post). I have to force myself to exercise! I always feel better when I do but it is hard to get the body out of bed and go to the gym. I always need a push. Like Doug asking me if I went that day. Course as some of you know that my man is training for a half marathon in Oct. I am pitiful compared to him. Looking in the mirror sometimes gives me that boost to visit the gym or just going by how slugish I feel. So the next time you see me, help give me that little push and ask me, How is the gym these days? Hopefully you will get a smile and not a glare.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I love to laugh! I love humor (clean humor). I work for an Oral Surgeon and we had a patient come in a couple of weeks ago that needed to have a tooth extracted (pulled). The patient was from another country (India) and perhaps did not understand completely but none the less was funny.
The patient was told 2 weeks before his surgery date that he had to have 3 teeth pulled. One of the teeth was the upper "eye tooth" (you know the one that looks like a fang). Well he had worried about that one tooth being extracted. When the Dr. came in to start the surgery he asked the Dr. to promise that he would not lose his "eye sight" if that tooth is taken out. Because of course it is called an "eye tooth" and it is connected to his eye sight. He was serious! The Dr. promised that it would not affect his eye sight. He came back a week later and said that he wishes that he would not have had that tooth taken out cause he thinks he has started having weaker vision. PLEASE! I kept my cool until he left and then I had to go in the bathroom to laugh. Try talking to him about that when he calls to ask questions about his eyesight without laughing. That is what the hold button is for right?
I had another lady call the other day to schedule an appointment to have her gall bladder "tooken out". I told her that this Dr. is an Oral Surgeon, she still didn't get that word "oral" she cared only that he is a surgeon. Oh dear, she said she didn't care if he just pulled that sucker out through her mouth it hurts so bad. And my jaw dropped. What exactly do you say to that? People are funny!

Empty nesters

We have been "empty nesters" for about 3 1/2 years, but it hasn't been too bad cause Celeste and Joe have been living in the same town. We could see them at church or just call and invite them to eat with us at any given time. It didn't make the empty nesters seem so bad cause they were close. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love having family around. Kids and grandkids are my life. Well that all changed a couple of weeks ago when Celeste and Joe decided to move to the "big city". Oh it is only 35 minutes away but it is a stark difference from having them a couple of minutes away. Happy for them but it has not been fun!
Good thing we have fun things to look forward to. I am going to visit Julia and family in a week for 7 days. Julia is expecting their 3rd child and she and I can use some fun time to visit and prepare for the new baby. AND we are planning on spending Thanksgiving with some of our kids at our house. Whoever can get away is coming. And Christmas plans are in St. George with Ryan and Julia's families and anyone else that can come. Jane will be having their new little girl in November so we will be adding to the family 2 more babies. YEA! Thank goodness for Families & Holidays.


These are our grandchildren at Aubrey and Kyle's wedding on Aug 1, 2008. They are adorable! Oh how we miss seeing them often. Good thing for internet!