Sunday, July 26, 2009

Note to self: Watch who I am texting!

I have been having problems with my mouth getting dry and feeling numb lately. I feel like I have just been to the dentist and had shots, my whole mouth has been very sensitive and I haven't been able to figure it out. I had to teach a class at Youth Conference last Friday and I was worried about being able to speak because of this problem. I thought it was new medication that I had been taking for a couple of months but it didn't make sense that it just started. Doug said yesterday that maybe it was the toothpaste that I was using... hum, I never thought of that but every time I used it my mouth would burn... Dah! He went to the grocery store last night quite late (11 pm) and I remembered that I forgot to put toothpaste on the grocery list. I had just taken my glasses off and was getting ready for bed and thought I better text him to remind him to get some different toothpaste. I text the words quickly "Get new toothpaste please". I pushed the send button and as it was processing I realized that I was sending it to a different number, not Doug's cell phone. I tried to stop it but it showed that I had sent the message. Oh wow, who had I just told to "get new toothpaste please". It was my brothers cell phone. Now you have to know that I love my brother dearly but he lives in Utah and we don't really talk to each other very much, no reason we just are busy and don't visit much. I just wondered what he thought (after not hearing from me for a few months) why I would send him a text telling him that he needs to get new toothpaste. It was late, and I was tired, but I just pictured him and what his reaction might have been to see that message come across his phone. I just sat down at home (all by myself) and laughed so hard I was crying. Doug came home at that time and wondered what was wrong with me.
I did send my brother another text trying to explain but I guess I better call him today and let him know that I don't think he has bad breath, or poor oral hygiene.
And I will watch to make sure I am texting the right person when I send any message from now on!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trip to Kentucky

Doug and I took a quick trip over the 4th of July weekend to Kentucky to see Aubrey & Kyle. The drive to KY is beautiful! I have to say that the South is soooo very beautiful with all the green rolling hills. We had a good time with Kyle and Aubs, we went to breakfast at I-hop, they then took us to the 4th of July Parade in downtown KY, it wasn't a big parade but it was fun to see the patriotism of Lexington. KY is a huge horse state so there were plenty of horses and heard some bands play. We didn't stay long cause it started to rain. (Last year our whole family got together in LA and had big plans to go to Disneyland, beach etc. Well it rained the whole time we were there except the day we left to fly home. Doug and I went back out to LA at Christmas of 08 and they hadn't had rain since we were there in May... well it rained most of the time we were there. It rained when we went to St. George UT in Feb too. Ryan (our oldest son) says that we need to market that and find out where there is a drought and see if we could fly to that particular spot so they could get rain. I am beginning to think he is right). Anyway, we went shopping while it rained, then took a couple hours to nap, then went to Saul Good (a very good place to eat), grabbed a ice cream cone and saw a little bit of the fireworks they were shooting off in the rain. (I have never seen that before) Sunday we went to church and met the fine people in their Ward. And it rained most of the day. Kyle made us a delicious dinner and after the rained stopped we took a little walk around their neighborhood.

It was so fun to see their place, how they have decorated their cute Town home. They have an adorable little puppy that is just a ball of fur. He is so much fun and they have worked so hard to train him well. He runs to the door when he has to potty and when we were walking around the neighborhood he would stop at the end of the sidewalk before crossing the street and he would sit until they started to walk. It was adorable. They have a balcony that overlooks a house that has an amazing garden, every where you look you see green plants and flowers and it overlooks a body of water. What a view!

We were only able to stay 2 days but we really enjoyed seeing them, where they live, work and go to school. It is so nice to see our kids as adults doing good things!

On our way home Doug and I stopped and checked out a bit of history at the Homestead of Abraham Lincoln in Springfield KY. Very interesting. It was a short but very nice trip. Oh and no I don't have any pictures. sorry, Aubrey promised she would share.