Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Elise Ann

We have a new grandaughter! She was born last night at 7:55 p.m. California time... She weighed 6 lbs 11 oz. and she is 20" long. Jane (mommy) and Elise are doing well. Ryan (daddy)called last night and was so excited. We get to meet her in a few weeks. It is hard to wait! If you go to Ryan & Jane's blog you will see her picture. She is beautiful.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mexican turkey?

Several years ago my parents had some new friends that had just moved here from Mexico. They had never celebrated Thanksgiving before so mom and dad thought it would be nice to have a little Thanksgiving dinner before the acutal family turkey day feast to show off the American tradition. Our oldest son Ryan, (has a great sense of humor and he is a great story teller and I might add he likes to kid with people) was talking to grandma on the phone about their new Mexican friends. He had served his mission in California (spanish speaking)and he was very aware of the Mexican traditions. Mom was asking Ryan for his opinion on what she should do to make the event special. He took the opportunity to mess with her a little, he proceded to tell her that she should have a Mexican turkey. Her reply, "Oh I have never heard of that before". His reply, "Oh grandma here is what you do... You take a turkey and instead of stuffing you fill it full of guacomole and then put tortilla chips around the edges so they can dip their chips in the guacomole dip and eat the turkey at the same time". My sweet mom said, "Oh, I have never heard of that, so how do you make that". Yes she took it hook, line and sinker. He started laughing hysterically and she realized that he was just messing with her. The family has laughed about this for years, including grandma! Can you picture sitting down with a cooked turkey, with a green blob coming out of the inside and then having some crunchy salty chips garnished on the side! OH GROSS!

So the other day Doug brought home one of those holiday recipes that he found in the newspaper. It was for a Spanish Turkey. No guacomole and chips mind you, but the ingredients called for hot peppers inside the turkey. I don't think I will attempt that... EVER!
I was thinking about both mom and Ryan today. Both are at a hospital, mom after surgery and Ryan is helping his wife through the delivery of their little girl. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

Friday, November 21, 2008

All it takes is one phone call....

All it takes is one phone call to change your plans, your emotions and well.... your life. Yesterday I found that our friend was in the hospital with heart problems. He was just a couple of minutes away from a massive heart attack. (He is a couple years younger than I am). Things like that make you realize how short life is. Then today while at work I got a call from my sister saying that last night my mother got up and let the dog out and went to the kitchen sink and fell. She broke her left leg,it is not a normal type break... she was in surgery today for 4 hours and they had to put pins, and plates in both the tibula and the fibula. She can not move her leg for over a week and can't put any pressure on it at all for quite sometime. She will require 24 hour care. My dad is not in great health so he is not going to be able to take care of her himself.
What do you do when you live 1500 miles away? I do have sisters and a brother but I feel like I need to be there too. Thank goodness my sister has kept me up todate of what is happening on the home front. I feel just awful! I just may jump on a plane and go, who knows. That is what daughters are supposed to do right? I guess we are at that point in our life. (Hey my mothers father is still alive, he is 97 years old and lives by himself. I come from a family where most live until they are 80 + and in pretty good health. I am kind of counting on that you see). So I wait by the phone so that I can continue to get the updates. It just takes one phone call. I am grateful that it was just her leg, it could be worse. But it isn't an easy recovery for someone in their 70's.
So now the phone calls give me updated information. And yes I am thankful for phones! I just like it to be good news each time it rings.

Now for the happier side of life ... We are going to have another grandaughter on Monday. SO I am excited for that phone call, it will change our lives to. That is really mixing the sad and the happy together in just a week. I guess in life it all evens out huh?
Come on phone ring with good news!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have a sickness! Do you?

Ok I have to admit that I have a sickness! Here goes... and it involves the blog friends. I am a blog stalker. I am at the computer all day at work and when I need a little bit of a break (not too often) I have to check my blog to see who has posted either a comment on my post or posted something on their own blog, I check it at night before I go to bed too. Am I the only one who does this? Is this a sign of being bored with nothing to do or is it just a new novelty and someday I will grow out of this little phase? Maybe I need more things to read. All the sudden I feel connected to people I just casually knew. I don't like listening to the news anymore, too depressing. I would rather blog! (Last night I actually dreamed that the world was coming to an end. So what is my lesson on in Institute this week... You guessed it, the Second Coming. It was not a restful night sleep). Sooo I need some more reading material help me out here. Keep those posts and comments coming, OK?

Friday, November 14, 2008

How far would you go?

How far does one go to update their looks? There are many ways to make ourselves look younger, thinner, better, but do we know when to stop and just grow old gracefully. Now the simple things like hair color, highlights, some tanning, makeup, maybe the fake nails all help us look nice and maybe help us feel good about ourselves. I don't think any of us like growing old but I can't imagine having not just one surgery... but many to change my looks. I know some who have had tattoos on there lips, their eyebrows, there eye lids, then to follow it up with laysik, eye surgery (which is one that I would love to have I must admit) then the chest enhancement (over sized usually) and then the tummy tuck and the lypo, with botox here and there. How far would you really go to stay young and beautiful? How many of these would you really do? If you had the money would you do just one or maybe two or all of the above.
Now I must admit there are a few of these that I probably need or would consider but I don't know that I would really go that far. I know the tattoo is out for sure.
The reason I bring the subject up is, I saw a friend today that has had all of this done in the last 4 years. To be kind here I will say.... she looked better before and she should stop! She didn't look like the same person... it wasn't natural. I think we should take good care of ourselves but there is a point where we can go too far. She pretty much passed that point several surgeries back. The thought of Michael Jackson comes to mind. Although she hadn't done anything to her nose (at least I don't think). The natural look is more pleasing! So I pose the question again, How far would you really go to stay young and beautiful?

Friday, November 7, 2008


I was at work yesterday, checking a patient out and I heard my cell phone ring... I couldn't get it at the time. I continued working and heard my cell phone ding to let me know I had a voice mail. I continued working... Then I finally had a little break ( few hours later) and I remembered the I had a message waiting for me. I grabbed my phone went in a private place and listened to my message. It was my oldest grandaughter Brooklyn, she is 3 1/2. Here is what she said "Hi Grandma, I was calling to say hi. I called aunt Celeste and Bob's (Aubrey)phone, and they are busy too. I just called to say hi. I miss you. I love you... I will talk to you later". My heart melted! How cute! I feel bad that I missed that most important call. How can I ever be too busy to answer a call like that. I tried to call her last night but she had gone with her daddy. I was sad that I didn't get to talk to her when she called. I think this is what the scriptures mean with we are told we should be childlike... Just call someone to say hi and say I love you. SWEET!
The days fly by and children grow up and those precious memories with them are just that, memories. To all you moms out there, no matter how tough the days get being a mom, know this: you have the most important job in the world, with the most important people who will ever come into your life. The time you have to teach and hold them is short, enjoy the journey! Time will march on and they will grow up and leave home to start their own families and you have memories. Make sure they are good memories for them and for you. Nothing else matters but what you can give them. Make each day count and play and have fun.
I am your cheerleader on the side lines. Along with all the other moms that have raised their families. We applaude you! It is worth all the sacrifice that you make. Yeah to the mom's and the grandma's.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a Thankful tag

I have been tagged again, and since it is a Thankful one I decided to play.
Here are 7 things I am thankful for:
1. Family, (husband, children, parents, grandchildren, siblings etc).
2. For my health and fact that we have modern science to help out with our ailments.
3. A free country to live in. (Hope we can stay that way, it was not free it was paid by many men and women giving the ultimate sacrifice)
4. My religion and the knowledge and testimony of God and Jesus Christ.
5. Grandchildren that make me laugh, they are so cute! Wished I could see them more!
6. Good friends with warm smiles and hearts.
7. Modern conviences... cell phones, cars, dishwashers, washer, dryer and oh I can't forget the COMPUTER to stay in touch with others blogging!
I realize I cheated by naming more than 7 but hey, my blog I can right?
Now I have to tag someone.... Hmmm
Haven't heard from Donan
Lindsee (by the way call me please)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

B&B spells R&R

Friday afternoon we took off to Mt. View Arkansas for some fun with our friends. We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast on Friday night. B&B's are much more fun than Hotels. We found out about this nifty little place on an American Airline airplane magazine. Kathleen & I both went on different flights and read the same article. The article talked this place up along with the beautiful setting it is nestled in. The B&B was really neat with great attention to detail to make your stay fabulous. That night we went to dinner in the little town square, walked around and listened to the old folks sit on the porches and play their instruments and sing. (Yes they were older that we were, in fact I was feeling quite young, I am thinking they were in their late 70's early 80's) We went back to the B&B and played Phase 10 until 11:30 pm. I don't think I have laughed that hard for a very long time. My dear friend was losing pretty bad and felt that she had to redeem herself some and just starting cheating. She said she did it in a nice way, which was true and she didn't try to hide the cheating at all. After the game ended the score was tallied and I Won, Brooks close second, Doug and then Kathleen. Keep in mind that she usually wins, without cheating.... I think, I guess we will have to pay more attention from now on.
We got up the next morning to a most beautiful sight of colorful trees on the hills around us. It was a breathtaking view. Something out of a magazine... Amazing!!! We had a wonderful fancy breakfast and then we took a walk around the pond and just took in the view. I don't think I have ever witnessed a more beautiful fall foliage in my life. I know I was almost annoying I just kept saying "Wow look how beautiful". I love landscape beauty... It just makes me feel good inside. I feel like God blessed us with such a beautiful earth and it makes me feel loved by Him. We drove off into the Ozark mountains and saw more beauty. The fall colors were at their peak. We stopped off at Blanchard Springs Cave and took the tour, then went to the Springs for more beautiful scenery. Oh did I mention that I forgot my camera? None of us had a camera, so it will have to be a memory or.... we could go again next year just to take pictures and have more R&R. It was very relaxing, extremly fun and just a marvelous time!!!