Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dessert Diva's

Our daughter Aubrey always tells me about some of the things that they are doing in their Relief Society in Kentucky, so I thought I would use one of their ideas. Once once a month the Relief Society ladies get together and visit and eat desserts... YUM! They call themselves the Dessert Diva's, I thought this was a cute name so I am going to use it too. I checked with our Relief Society President and she gave the go ahead. So one night a month we will meet at a different place either a restaurant or a house, so if you have a favorite place to eat at that serves awesome desserts just let me know.

We start our first Diva night this Thursday night October 15th at 8pm at Stoby's.
Pass the word, oh I will need you to let me know if you are going to come so I can get a count and let Stoby's know. Hummmm wonder what Stoby's will think when we all come in for dessert?