Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and fall time

Fall is a favorite time of year. I love the crisp air and the beautiful fall foliage, carmel apples, soups, warm clothes... you get the picture. I however am not a huge fan of Halloween. I like to see costumes and how original people are but I for one do not like being scared. Not at all!!! Celeste and Joe came over Sunday night for dinner and they were telling us about a hayride they went on last week that had people chasing after them with chain saws and people walking around a field like they were dead. See, I just don't get it. Paying to be scared is not my idea of fun. I know people that love that thrill of being scared. I have a sister that loves to put on a scary movie all by herself and loves the thrill of being scared. Hard to beleive we grew up in the same house. Oh and I don't like scary movies either. You don't want to watch a scary movie with me. I will scream, dig, yell at the screen, and finally I will get up and go to the bathroom (several times) then come in the room and ask "what happened". I don't make it very enjoyable for others, to say the least! Scary is NOT my thing. I don't like answering the door to older kids on Halloween when they are dressed up all scary. I do like the cute little kids though.
I like pleasant, happy, comfortable things. So this year for Halloween we are doing something fun, and pleasant and what older people do. We are going with friends to Northern Arkansas to see the fall foilage. We are going to a famous cave too, (yes I know there are bats in there but they are more scared of me and I sure they won't bother just little ol me). Now that is pleasant, happy, beautiful and comfortable to me. It will be a change from the normal Halloween but a change I am ready for. Happy Halloween to everyone.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The American Way

I am proud to be an American!!! I am one of those people that gets choaked up when I hear or sing the Star Spangled Banner or any other Patriotic Song. I fight back tears when I see the American Flag go by in a parade or see it flying in the breeze. I love knowing that we have wonderful young men and women that are willing to fight for our freedoms and sacrifice all that they have for us. Hopefully we continue on with our American ways, our American freedoms.
I know we don't have a perfect country but I don't think there is any other place in the world that offers what good ol' America does. I am proud to live in this country.
I get upset when I see others be disrespectful to the flag, or when the Pledge of Alegience is being said or Star Spangled Banner sung and people don't have the simple respect of stopping what they are doing and simply put their hands on their heart. It really makes me sad, no mad! Anyway, I also feel very priledged to be able to vote in the elections. I will admit I don't know everything about all the politicians and I am not a big political person, but I listen to the debates, read and listen to what I can... problem is everything is contradicted, it depends what you read or watch. Yes I know who I am voting for but I will say that I will be glad when this election is OVER! I don't like mud-slinging from either party. I want to know what they are going to do while they are president or in any other office and it would be nice if they actually did what they said they were going to do.
Lets just say I am sick of the commercials, the phone calls, the mail etc., all making promises they probably won't keep and bad mouthing each otherin the process.
Here is what I know! If we we forget God in America we are in big trouble! We have many examples of the pride cycle and what happens when we think we are too good, or too big to fall. Is it possible to get back to the basics of God, family, religion, integrity, and working together no matter our different ideas? I certainly hope so. I feel it is up to all of us individually to pray for this great country and its leaders. God gave us this country, our Constitution, and the privelede to live here. I want my children and grandchildren to live a good life like I have with freedoms to flourish and carry on as our Maker intended.

And on a lighter note, I will be glad to hear deoderant comercials again! This was not paid for by anyone but I do approve this message!!! LOL

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue Angels excitment

The Blue Angles came to Arkansas and we were so excited to see them, we even had our own personal guide, Joe our son in-law. Joe loves airplanes, he seriously knows what every airplane is and what they are/were used for, he even can tell by the sound of the plane what is flying overhead. It really was an amazing show! There were times that I thought my heart skipped a beat as two F-18's headed right for each other flying low and as they got in front of the crowd they would do some fancy turn and barely miss hitting one another. Amazing! After they land the planes the pilots come to an area where they sign autographs and take pictures. It was like watching Rock Stars on the red carpet. It was pretty crazy the crowd they had swarming them.
After the show we stayed and walked around at the Air Force Base. There was a Flight simulator that Joe wanted to go in. He is kind of like a little kid at the fair wanting to go on the rides. It was cute. Anyway the simulator was a enclosed black box that they put you in it, strap you down good and then you tell them which ride you want to go on. The F-16, Grand Canyon F-18 etc. There is a screen in front that makes the scenery look real and then the box your sitting in jerks around and even goes up side down about 3 times. Celeste decided she would go with Joe on the ride, they waited in line about 45 min or more. They shut the door on the ride and as soon as it started going up side down we heard a scream. We heard a few more screams after that. Hummm, I hadn't heard any other person on the ride scream it really seemed like a harmless ride. The people that were waiting in the line and the guy operating the ride were all laughing. It was uncommon for anyone to really scream. When they opened the door and Celeste got out we all were laughing and started screaming. She was a good sport to go with Joe and to have us joke with her about the screams.
It took us several hours to get out of the parking lot so we just killed some time. We dropped the kids off at their house in Little Rock and stopped to get gas. As Doug was pumping the gas, he started knocking on the car window and pointed to the car next to us. There were 4 Blue Angels pilots getting gas right next to us. What are the chances? Doug thanked them for the great show, they were very polite. They drove off kind of like they were in one of their planes. Celeste was upset that she wasn't with us for that part. It as about a block from her house.
Anyway we have played alot the last week. It has been fun. I did clean my house late at night, and the grass has not been mowed for 2 weeks now. Oh well all that can be done another day right?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rollin on the River

Every year in October Doug and I go on the Arkansas Queen Riverboat. Doug is on a Credit Union Board and that is where they have their annual dinner along with all the other Credit Unions in Arkansas. Usually we have dinner and a speaker then a short time to listen to some live music. (3 person band and they are pretty good). Last night we went to the annual meeting and I was expecting the same thing. Little bit of small talk with people you only see once a year, cafeteria type food, and I always liked the band. Well last night it was really fun. Not only did my man look really good sporting his shirt Aubrey and Kyle gave him... (I was with the cutest guy there) but we only had 4 couples at our table, and we had a lot of fun. (No boring speaker either) They started passing the ice tea down and we passed and of course they wondered why but no big deal. We ate dinner and then they broke the food down, carried it away and there was the dance floor. Oh we have danced in previous years but it was just to a couple of the slow songs. Last night we danced to the slow songs then they did the "Electric Slide". I didn't know that dance but this cute lady at the table said "Come on Maureen I will teach you". She is much younger and is really good at dancing. I was out there with everyone that already knew the dance. I did learn the moves after a few times of doing them and then I just had fun. I love to dance but just don't do much of it. (Which makes my kids happy cause they think it is funny to watch us out there moving around like old folks). We really had a good time. Some of the people at the table asked what was in my water that I could get out and dance... nothing but H2O. I just have fun in life and at this point I really don't care what others think. Is that bad? Who cares! I won't see these people for another year and maybe their memories are like mine. I am sure I was pretty boring to watch compared to the people on the floor with me that really knew how to move. Doug and I are going to look for dance classes somewhere. Not square dancing though! Hey if Cloris Letchman can do it at 82 why not us? Sorry kids more embarrassment for you!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Institute students

I just have to brag about having the greatest Institute class in the world! We usually get about 20-25 Institute kids each week. I guess I should define what Institute is first: It is a LDS Church Education Class for young men and women between the ages of 18-30. We are studying the New Testament this year.
Every Wednesday evening I am surrounded by the most wonderful people in a class room studying the scriptures and talking and learning about the Life of Christ. The spirit is amazing and so are they. I have learned so much in this calling, in my studies and in the classroom as they make comments. I cherish my time with these kids. They are righteous individuals with a desire to serve the Lord. I imagine the impact they will make on the their families and the world in the future. They all have the ability to do great things. I feel blessed!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Race For the Cure

Celeste and I were among about 50,000 women to walk or run the race for the cure. It was quite the experience. No one warned me that it would be so packed that you could not walk for about 2 miles. It was fun though, Celeste and I were side by side during the whole race. Celeste was brave and as we walked across the bridge she stayed on the edge to protect me. I don't like bridges and we were right on the edge. There was a railing there but you could see the water right below us.
There were women that were dressed really crazy, some were really quite weird but they were having fun so I guess that didn't matter if they were crazy.
Here are some pictures to capture the day. We spent the rest of the day with Joe and Celeste. We went to I-Hop in LR and then did some widow shopping. It was nice to play and spend time with the kids.

pictures of our family & most recent trip to Jules

My One week vacation

I was lucky to get away on a one week vacation and visit our daughter Julia in St. George, Ut. She and her husband have 2 adorable little girls and Julia is expecting a little boy in Feb (we hope he waits until Feb to be born) We had so much fun going to parks, playing in the water in our clothes, having picnic's and just playing and getting to know each other. Courtney is 1 1/2 and she hasn't known me at all. I haven't been to their home since she was born. We have been able to see them for a few days here or there but she would cry cause she didn't know who I was. I felt awful, here is this lady that wants to hug and kiss her and she was scared to death of me. This visit changed all that! It only took her one day to warm up to me. She couldn't say grandma so she called me "nice". She would point to me and call me "nice". It melted me! When we had family prayers they would say thanks that grandma could come and visit and she would say out loud "NICE". Adorable child. In the South we choose what grandparent name to be called by, I may change mine from grandma (isn't that original) to Nice.
Brooklyn who is 3 is quite the big sister too. We sang songs together with the actions, told stories, played dress ups and just had fun, did the things that grandma's and grandchildren are supposed to do. I didn't want the week to end. Julia and I enjoyed some time together as well. We went to a Huckleberry Finn Musical outdoors and we did some shopping and got a rasberry shake that equalled about a gallon of ice cream in each of our cups. As much as I love ice cream there is no way, no how I could have finished it or even eat half of it.
Then it was over and back to reality! But at least we have the memories and they think I am "Nice". I love being a grandma!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tagged by Janae

I have been tagged a couple of times so here goes my attempt to do this right:

7 things I can do:

1. I can laugh at almost anything and once I get started it is hard for me to stop.
2. I can be a fun grandma!
3. I can be with my husband at anytime, anyplace and love it.
4. I can drop off to sleep very quickly.
5. I can eat ice cream anytime and I eat it pretty fast too!
6. I can multi-task pretty well.
7. I can tread water and float in a pool for a very long time.

7 things I cannot do:

1. Can't see my kids and grandchildren all the time whenever I want
2. Can't run a marathon and don't ever want to
3. Can't play a musical instrument, I play the piano but not very well, I should have practiced more as a child.
4. Can't do a cartwheel anymore
5. Can't remember names of songs, movie stars, movies etc
6. Can't shop and buy whatever I want
7. Can't eat what I want without gaining weight

7 things that attracted me to Doug (this part was easy to fill out)

1. His voice (we spoke on the phone first to set up a blind date)
2. His patience
3. His kindness
4. His sense of humor
5. His willingness to live righteously
6. His integrity
7. His smile and beautiful blue eyes

7 things I say the most:

1. It is hot in here
2. It is cold in here (must be a hormone thing)
3. Instructions for oral surgery: "Nothing to eat or drink four hours before your appt and your driver will need to stay on the premises during the surgery.
4. Repeating a sentence for my husband again (he has a hearing problem and doesn't always hear the first and sometimes the second time)
5. We or I am going to be late
6. I am sorry
7. Thank you

7 Celebrity Admiration's (not in order of importance)

1. Richard Greer
2. Harrison Ford
3. Sean Connery
4. Julia Roberts
5. American Idol contestant
6. First Presidency and 12 apostles
7. Lucille Ball
8. Meg Ryan

7 Favorite foods

1. Ice Cream (any kind)
2. Pastries - Cinnamon Rolls
3. Mexican Food
4. fruits & vegetables
5. Chicken
6. Salmon
7. Hamburgers

7 People I tag

1. Aubrey Moon
2. Celeste Tribett
3. Veda Charlton
4. Jane Martindale
5. Katie Slade
6. Cindy Stepan
7. Tammy Booth