Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thanks, I needed that!

We watched General Conference this weekend and were so inspired and touched by the spirit and the messages that we heard. President Monson spoke on gratitude and I feel like recently I have not shown gratitude for what I do have. I have been focusing on what is wrong in my life and not what God has blessed me with. So thanks President Monson for writing that talk and delivering to us. I needed that! I am sorry to all those who I have whined and bemoaned to. Our daughter Celeste told me the other day "mom life is just what you make it". That made me think but I continued to complain some. Sorry Celeste. I now have heard it from a prophet too and have to try to be more grateful. So here are some of the things I am grateful for in my life:

For the creations of God and all His miracles and tender mercies, His Son Jesus Christ that makes it possible to return to our Father in Heaven (Plan of Salvation) Life itself, Family...(Husband, children, grandchildren, parent, siblings etc) though we are very far from perfect I feel privileged to be a member of it. Gospel of Jesus Christ, Health, Friends, Country, Bounties of life, technology and modern conveniences, good music, good books, hobbies and many other things that I have been blessed with.

President Monson said this quote this morning and I love it "Live in gratitude and you will touch heaven". And he said it in a way that only he could say, he paused after the word you. I will try to always remember this. The examples he used in the scriptures helped me realize that I need to do better in being grateful. I love conference I always come away wanting to be a better person. I am glad we have it every 6 months to remind us.

I called to talk to our son Derek today and he said that he went to every session (all 5) at Temple Square. Oh how wonderful and how blessed we are to live in this day.

Grateful for family and friends who leave comments too :)


tammy said...

I am thankful for you. What will I do when you move? You've been here with me since "Abum" and Celeste were toddlers.

Martindale News said...

Thanks Tammy, don't know what I will do without you either. Abum and Lest have both grown and moving on... So will we I guess. Thanks for being such a good friend especially lately. We still have phones and email.